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Bike tape

Looking for really comfortable and padded bike handlebar tape. Not really concerned about sweat.

Can't decide between many types. Ideally, I want something in dark brown or forest green, but these are really hard to find unless it's leather tape.

Thanks :)



Slim ones, but not those shitty elastic band-clad minimalistic ones all over Kickstarter.

Thanks :)


Earphones for sports

Any suggestions?

The person it's for has smallish ears and doesn't like in-ear phones.

I've been looking at these:

Bose SIE2i Sport…

Sennheiser PMX 685i…

JayBird BlueBuds X…

I guess at some point I'll have to make a random decision since the person it's for won't be able to try 'em on first.



Mail Chimp staggered

Is there a way to stagger the emails in MC (like 500 emails every 1 or 2 hours) or would I have to upgrade and use Time Warp? There doesn't seem to be much info online about it, but I could be searching for the wrong term.


Wordpress/CMS Store

What's a good store that is completely customizable with a WP template I've created?

I've tried a lot of them and most are not up to par, unfortunately. Especially when it comes to handling traffic and specific features, like (1) limit of 1 of a certain product, and (2) people are only allowed to hold an item for a specific amount of time, like 15 minutes, before the cart empties itself.

Or perhaps I should notify the client that a completely integrated and customized store is not going to happen, and we may as well have someone else host it for us or have the look and feel be slightly different from the main site? The client insisted on using WP, and now it's too late to change it. So I'm thinking about getting someone else or a team of people to finish up a store for him.

Thanks for any suggestions.


S95 vs. LX5

Which one do you like better?


Beavertails font

Anyone know what typeface is used here?



Intricate Typography

I'm looking for artists that have work similar to: (except today; looks like she realized it's April Fools, so here's a Google search:… )



jQuery question #gazillion

Thanks for your help before. Last one in a while...

I want to make the "active" class activate for two different links at the same time when the user clicks on either one of them.

<div id="wslide3-menu" class="prod-menu"> <a href="#prod-1">Slide 1</a> / <a href="#prod-2">Slide 2</a></div>

<div id="wslide4-menu" class="prod-menu"> <a href="#prod-2">Go to slide 2</a></div>

So when the user clicks on "slide 2" or "go to slide 2", both of the links will magically have the active class regardless of which one the user clicked.

The class in the javascript is "wactive":

I tried making the IDs the same to test various things out, switched around some things, changed "this" in the script to other no avail.

Thanks again!


Opacity/fade for slider

Since the last time, I've finally found a slide I like. Here's the script:

And the HTML markup:
<div id="wslide-menu" class="parent-menu">
<a href="#parent-1">Slide 1</a> /
<a href="#parent-2">Slide 2</a>
<div id="horSlider">
<ul id="parent">
<li> Quisque consectetur ipsum sed mauris mattis ut porta diam molestie. Duis tincidunt nibh vitae magna scelerisque sollicitudin vel vel ligula.</li>
<li> Donec aliquet semper libero, sit amet rutrum erat varius sed. Morbi at tellus eros, eu consectetur magna. Curabitur aliquam egestas sagittis.</li>

How can I add a fade or lower opacity to the inactive slide (LI)? The fade that exists in the script right now is only if I changed the effect to "fade: true," and isn't exactly what I want (fades instead of slides; I need both). There's also a "wactive" class that only applies for the navigation. I know this should be fairly simple but doesn't seem to be working from my attempts...



WP white screen of death

Last time this happened, I renamed the plugins folder and that helped.

This time, I'm not sure what happened. Last update I did was have the host change up the php.ini file so that sessions were saved. I recently also noticed that I couldn't login to the mySQL database (phpMyAdmin) so I'm speaking with the client and host about that *minor* issue. That way I can check if there's some malicious activity or spam in the backend somewhere.

I've tried pretty much everything except a complete re-install, including:

- replacing current wp-admin and wp-includes with backed-up versions.
- renaming plugins folder
- renaming/changing themes folder
- deleting everything in .htaccess
- tried increasing the memory (wp_config.php and .htaccess)

Error I receive: "Internal Server Error

The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

Please contact the server administrator....blah blah

More information about this error may be available in the server error log."

Once I have access to the database, I will be checking around in wp_settings for spam or weird message (known issue).
No idea where the error log is located.

Contacting tech support now (wish I could host this with me), but figured I would ask you guys just in case.

Thanks for any suggestions!


e-commerce, part deux

Any system have the following capabilities out-of-the-box?

"a shopping cart that will combine orders together, estimated cost, and additional services (signatures, insurance, etc)"

Just helping out a friend, and I haven't seen anything combine these above things. Maybe Zen Cart does? I won't be building it. Just modifying some of the elements.


WP - Random redirect

Wordpress question. I have an image that is supposed to redirect to a random post in specific categories (4 of them) when the user clicks on it. I have some PHP below, but I'm wondering if I could target specific categories (or exclude a certain category ID).

<?php $randomPost = $wpdb->get_var("SELECT guid FROM $wpdb->posts WHERE post_type = 'post' AND post_status = 'publish' ORDER BY rand() LIMIT 1");
echo '<a href="'.$randomPost.'">Random Post</a>';

Doing it by post type would be kind of annoying. I'd have to go back and change about 200 posts.

After fiddling around with various methods, I tried the random redirect plugin:…
but it weirdly only chooses one tag and cycles through the posts in it.

Thanks for suggestions.



Would like to know what typeface is being used here:

One of the standard ones?



Pop art

Anyone know any artists similar to Roy Lichtenstein, Faile, and Greg Gossel?

I'm looking to fill up a room somewhere, and I'd like something less costly than the above artists. I'm more into the collage style of the latter two names I mentioned above.



What the font



CMS + conventional folder structure

Is there any CMS that just allows you to display all of the files within a folder? I'd like to be able to search the files and have more of a database behind it. I realize I could probably program something like this, but I'm curious to see if there's something similar that already exists.

Extra capabilities that would be nice:
- Ability to change what's shown and what's hidden without moving items out of the folders via FTP.
- Ability to have thumbnails or some kind of graphic associated with each file.



Domain masking & Google

Anyone know how to mask a domain properly so that it shows up as the new domain under Google search results and not the masked domain URL?

So say I have, which is where the content of the site is on. However, I have everything masked with How would I have only show up in the Google results?


Concrete5 eCommerce

I posted this at the Concrete5 forums too, but haven't had any responses.

I just went through the checkout process. The products are listed properly in the cart. That is until it's redirected to Paypal. I noticed that the cart has the item in it, and it's called: "Purchase from - Order #30"

Anyway, isn't it supposed to show the actual product name itself? Does it show up differently to the person shipping stuff out? Either way, the customer should be able to see their exact items in their Paypal cart before finalizing the purchase.

Thanks for any help!


Online store + CMS

Working on a few projects that involve online stores.

I'm using Concrete5 with their eCommerce option for one of the sites. It's going pretty well so far.

Another client is using Big Cartel. He's been having issues having a blog page (with comments by Disqus) within the store. Not very practical in the BC environment. And apparently you can't enforce the "limit 1 per customer" rule. I contacted BC about both of these things and received the "no can do" response, but that they would be working on these for the future.

This same client's sale had many issues come up because of the number of customers he had accessing the store at the same time to buy items (timed release; and BC's inventory calculator couldn't re-calculate the number of items left in time, and items actually started to fall out of carts). Big Cartel wrote back that they've never had such a massive problem like that before.

So my question is:

Does anyone know what store can handle high traffic? Can it be combined with a specific CMS? I'm definitely keeping Shopify in mind but I need to know how robust it really is. And cheaper options would be welcome.



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