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Tack Sharp Eyes

QBN Photogs,

I have been trying to master my Canon 50mm f/1.4 using a 7D.

I am very happy with color and sharpness of my everyday walk around shots but when it comes to portraits I get so frustrated.

I can not seem to achieve the level of sharpness in the eyes that I want. I know I have the tools but it just doesn't turn out the way I want.

Look at these four shots. All of them were shot using this lens and some were shot using cameras of less professional level. I don't know if they are using tripods or not but I doubt they would use one for a cat.

Anytime I get below f/2.8 I run in to problems. I am thinking that I need to memorize the distance of the camera and model depending on the aperture I am using. I have heard there DOF calculators I can use on my phone.

Any advise on how to help with this? I really want to offer girls I know portraits but I hate that I shoot 30 shots just to give them 4 good ones and the rest are shit because the eyes aren't tack sharp.



InDesign tutorials

Sorry to sound like a newb but I want to learn InDesign CS5.

Basic magazine and newspaper layouts. Any specific FREE online tutorials you can recommend?

I usually prefer YouTube. And are the links in here still relevant-->…


Best American band of all time.

sales, influence, innovation...

It's so hard to think of one, the British just dominate the top five to ten in my head every time.


FMT 100512



Facebook hits 1 Billion users

and launches first ad.…


Turkey retaliates after Syrian bombing

Most American news sources are not yet covering the events happening right now in Turkey. A mortar bomb fired from Syria landed in a residential district of the southeastern Turkish town of Akcakale on Wednesday afternoon (local time), killing a woman and four children from the same family and wounding at least eight other people. It has been all over Turkish television all day on every channel. UN representatives and NATO have been following the situation closely all day while urging Turkey not to retaliate. Meanwhile the situation in Southern Turkey has been tense all day.
Now, according to a statement by Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan's office, sent out about 20 minutes ago, Turkey has fired on strategic targets in Syria which were detected by radar.…

Follow the latest on Twitter #Turkey #Syria


VPN to watch Netflix abroad

I have a VPN server setup on my laptop and I can browse internet through it. I can even log in to my Netflix account (something I couldn't do without VPN) but as soon as I try and play a movie it just goes to a black screen.

Can anyone help?

My VPN is through my university in California, I'm pretty sure they have the bandwidth to handle it.


Oblong Industries



It's hot as fuck!


Best walk around for 7D

I am having the hardest time deciding which zoom lens to get for my 7d. I leave to Turkey and the Middle East for 4 months in two weeks and I only have a 50mm 1.4

Here are my thoughts:

Get the Canon 17-55mm f/2.8 since is seems to be the most popular lens for the 7D.

Get the Tokina 11-16mm 2.8 (great reviews) and have a really nice wide angle for the city and landscapes, churches, ruins and stuff.

Get the 17-40mm f/4L and have a the perfect walk around range but at an f 4 where I will be limited to day time shooting.



RIP Neil Armstrong…


R.I.P. Rodney King…


Hensel Lighting

Hello all, just doing my friend a solid and posting this on here in case anyone is interested. Thanks!

"Hensel Monolight Strobe Kit with MANY EXTRAS - $1500 (Shermeran Oaks, CA)

I have decided to go with a new lighting system, which means I must part with my faithful Hensel kit. These wonderful strobes have served me well over the past few years. I have taken meticulous care of them, and in turn they have always functioned perfectly. I've never even had to change a modeling light or a flash tube. If you're reading this, chances are you're a photographer who knows just how expensive all this equipment can be, and knows what a great deal this is I'm offering.

Here's what I'm selling in this robust kit:

2 x Hensel Integra 500 Monolight Heads
1 x Hensel Integra PRO 500 Monolight Digital Head
1 x 16" Beauty Dish with Grid and Diffusion Sock
1 x Snoot with Grid
1 x Hensel Barn Doors
3 x Hensel Light Stands
2 x 7" Reflectors which fit the Hensel Grids
1 x Set of Hensel Grids (10, 20, 30, 40)
3 x 5" Reflectors
2 x Hensel Umbrellas
1 x Sturdy Hensel Carrying Case

Shipping from Los Angeles via FedEx with insurance available at about $40-60, depending on your location.

TOTAL PURCHASE VALUE OF $2900.00. Similar kits are selling for WAY more on eBay. See for yourself:…

I'm a pro photographer, and I've always treated this equipment with the utmost care. "


Destination: Turkey

I am excited to tell you all that I'm moving to Turkey! I leave sometime in the middle of August and return the second week of January 2013. I've been accepted to Bilkent University in the capital city of Ankara. Aside from my studies I hope to land a position at one of the English speaking newspapers in the city during my stay.

I am looking at this opportunity with great excitement. Before I start at Bilkent I plan to travel for 18 days, visiting several cities in Eastern Europe such as Munich, Vienna and Budapest, before making my way through the Balkans by bus and train and eventually arriving in Istanbul. Of course I will be photographing my entire time abroad.

Once in country I will travel as much as time and budget allows me to. I chose Turkey mainly for its strategic location between Europe, Asia and the Middle East, it borders Bulgaria, Greece, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Iraq, and Syria. Turkey is also surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea to the south, the Aegean Sea and Greek Islands to the west and the Black Sea to the north. My aim is to see as much of Turkey and find time to travel to Israel, Cairo and Jordan. From what I've heard Greece is the most popular and least expensive destination for Turks so I'm pretty sure I'll make it to Greece.

If anyone has any advice or suggestions during my travels please feel free to post them. This is my first time in Europe so I am open to any suggestions!

Thanks QBN!


R.I.P. Junior Seau


"DEA Ignored All My Cries"

What the fuck is wrong with people?!

"Daniel Chong, the UC San Diego student who was left in a Drug Enforcement Agency holding cell for nearly five days, said the time spent in his cell was a life-altering experience.
Before holding a press conference Tuesday afternoon, the 23-year-old spoke with NBCSanDiego and said he was increasingly worried throughout the days he spent in a 5 ft. by 10 ft. cell, where he could not spread his arms out wide."

(article includes vid)…


Dalai Lama streaming live

at my school

it just started.




project rate for tech writing

If approached to rewrite everything for a company website. (Recycling and shredding services for small businesses and offices.)

Similar to this:…

It would be my first time doing this kind of writing so I don't want to quote and hourly rate.

Any experience or links to rates?

Thanks QBN.


R.I.P. Andrew Breitbart

"Andrew Breitbart, well-known author, pundit, and political activist, passed away shortly after midnight in Los Angeles. He was 43."…


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