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Illy q

Is there a way to remove a point from a curve and preserve its shape even without that point?
(say you added one to the right and one to the left to maintain a certain number of points)


Redesign Mozilla

By Happy cog


Mac data recovery

Long story short: an external HD (pc formatted) was formatted by accident as a Mac Hd (while connected on a Mac). Now, since it was a quick format, is there any software to perform a data recovery on mac (can't do that on PC since the HD doesn't appear under windows)?

Thanks in advance


The trilogy meter


10 Things a web designer would never tell you.

I say: spot on!…


Basic XML editor for mac

Anyone can recommend a basic and possibly freeware XML editor for mac?

My only concern is to have some sort of structure checking just to verify if the tags are closed properly and if the document is well former.

The ideal thing would be something like notepad++



as3 overriding setters

I'm trying to override a setter:

public override function set visible(b:Boolean){

but i keep getting this error:1023: Incompatible override.


JS question

How do I read the url of a page via Javascript?
I have a flash in that page and i want to read the url of the page. I'm doing it via External Interface:
urlpath ="window.l...

On firefox, safari and chrome works, on IE doesn't.
Any idea why? Is the above code (window.location.href.toString) correct/compatible with IE?


HTML classes/courses in London

Anyone can recommend a good basic course about HTML and web principles.
A friend of mine, who is a print/identity designer, would like to add more skills to his bag.



AS3 Swf embedding

Is there a way to read what is the url/filename of the html file in which your swf is embedded, via Actionscript?

Seems that the interwebs have no clue about it.



AS3 - external content.

Ok, with as3 you load external content via this new Loader thing. Fair enough.

Say i have a bunch of swfs to load. I do it via the loaders, and it's ok, but then, to access the timeline of the swf to play it i have to do

now, there is a way to strip the content from the loader and put it in a movieclip and/or sprite?


AS3 arrays

Quick question about arrays in as3

let's say you have an array named Array1

if you do
array2 = new Array()
array2 = array1

array2 is a copy of array1 or just a reference to it (as it used to be on AS1 and AS2)?


sound loops

Im looking for some xmas style music look (yeah it's xmas ecard time!)

Any good resources out there (apart from flashkit)?


AS3 - Core classes not being imported

I'm coding an app.
Here is the code:

And the compiler throws 2 weird errors:
"1172: Definition could not be found.



happy birthday you crazy man!


Business card size

Is there anything else I need to know that is different from what is written here?…

Would be for an Italian company, no particular frills/requests, so i'm planning to stay withing standard measures



real world viral marketing

Mysterious appearance of a giant Lego man on Brighton beach. The 6ft-tall (1.8m) red, green and yellow figure has the slogan "No Real Than You Are" painted on the front.…


Invoices UK

Which kind of information need an overseas company/individual to send an invoice to an UK based company?



kuff cof


CMYK advice.

I'm doing a flyer for a friend.
Front picture,
black: black bg with some white copy on it.
Now the black when exported to pdf (with the colour marks) seems more a 90% black than 100% black. And the colour is 0 0 0 100.

I'm actually using the "US Web coated (SWOP) v2" as a colorspace" and the document and the linked files have the same colorspace.

and when i export on pdf i chose to "not convert colours"

Is all of this correct or am i doing something wrong?


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