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QBN: Recession

Why did you delete the thread Mr QBN?

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Pantone convert

So. I have long pondered on this and was wondering how you people would attack it.

If you have only been supplied a Pantone reference for a corporate colour and wish to convert it to CMYK, do you:

a) let the software do it, i.e convert on the fly through Illy/Indesign
b) Pick up your Color Bridge Pantone book and use those values? They always seem to be different.



Blast Design

Haven't seen their site posted here. Some great work from London


Elegant Fonts

Looking for:
Primarily Sans serif but if there is a good serifed font out there like Archer… I am willing to consider it.

Many thanks


Easy - What the font

The larger type:



A Personal Identity

Found this on the Johnson Banks "Thought of the day" thought it was quite fun and introduces you to his personality as well:…

Sorry for the hotlinking Mr Johnson.


Neil Tinson

I remember this guy's site when he worked at Thirteen. Now he is his own studio. Really great work!! Plucked From FFF


Illy Q

I have a group of objects that I need to step and repeat around an offset centre point 40° at a time.

Would anyone know how this is done.

Transform > Rotate - does not duplicate it or work around an offset point.

Any help would be great


Richard Robinson

Some interesting work here
nothing to click on though


MS Publisher > PDF

I have never used this program and I have no idea of its functionality or even what it looks like.

Is it possible to save out files as PDF without the full version of Acrobat. Or convert the files to a universal format that everyone can read?



QBN Newsletter

Ok, Whilst I do not mind receiving this I would only expect it to be sent to the email address I use for this website.

As it happens I got tthis newsletter to 2 other email accounts, one being my freelance account and the other was to an agency email that I have never posted here.

How did they get it and surely this is conducsive to unsolicited email i.e spam (to my other accounts)


Craig Oldam

Some interesting stuff
Currently at the chase.


hotmail accounts

Every time I email someone with a hotmail account it bounces back to me.

This has only started today.

Is hotmail seeing my email address as spam?

Has anyone else experienced this?




What do you see or visualise as perfect?


The Rumpus Room

Ex-tomato: Tom Roope heads a small team pushing all sorts of boundries. Doing work for Pet Shop boys, Oxfam and others !!


Commercial Art

Alot of Helvetica but certainly great attention to detail and a sound body of Work.
From London


Sean Rees

Soon to start at BB/Saunders.
Plucked from elpaso at The Serif.
V Nice work


Animating diagram

Has anyone seen any good only diagrams that animate? Either Flash or some fancy JS?

Workflows/maps/diagrams/processe... etc.


London Photographer – Properties

I am looking for a photographer that does Properties – I know nothing exciting bread and butter work really but they have to be good...

Has to be in London as all the properties are in London


Atelier Works

Are they still going? Just curious


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