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Scars or other distinguishing marks?

As long as we're all helping certain agencies collect details on people, might as well add this one to the profiling, yeah?


2014 Deathwatch

Already had James Avery, Michael Schumacher isn't looking so good and Ariel Sharon looks like he's checking out.

Pretty busy first couple of days.


Photo printing in Munich

Hey chaps,

Any of you in Germany know of a good quality printing service in Munich or, indeed, elsewhere in Germany? I'm not talking about the plug-and-print shit at Rossmann or DM; I need a place that prints on good paper (preferably matte), probably up to A0 size.


Monty Python

Reunion stage show. Yes.…


Nikon Df

I've never shot a Nikon, but my god this is sexy-time.…


Sigma 'A' lenses

Just watched a DigitalRev review of the 18-35, and Kai Wong seemed to think it was quite a bit of all right, the guy who runs The Digital Picture seems to really like the 35mm. Sigma also announced the 24-105 coming out.

Any of you have experience with these lenses? How do they compare (sharpness/colour/contrast) to L lenses? I want new glass, but if I go L, I'd still be a few months away from getting something.


Concrete5 links not working

Hey fellas,

I'm running into an infuriating problem with C5, and it seems there's no one on their message boards right now.

Anyway, here's the mark-up:

The problem is the Page List block (lines 80 to 91). The link, when clicked, simply won't work. The mouse pointer changes, the hover effects trigger, and the link itself is good. But clicking it produces exactly nothing. Right-clicking and clicking any of the 'Open Link in ...' options works though.

Any ideas on what's going wrong?


iPhone 4S lens profile for ACR

Does such a thing exist? Google isn't turning anything up, except for LR (which I haven't got).


Shadow - dream recording

Kind of a neat idea, this:


Food Pic of the the Day

All right. Lots of us love to cook. And lots of us like to take pics of our food (even though you're too hip to admit it).

Post 'em if you got 'em. I'll start.

Dinner tonight: the humble hamburger, 225 grams of lovingly hand-crafted goodness (with a couple of really cool tips from Heston Blumenthal):


Leica Summicron-R 35 mm F/2.0

So, I've got a lead on a 1976 version in excellent condition for a great price, but I'm holding back because everything I've read says that the R-EOS adapter mount wouldn't allow for AF on a Canon body (dSLR).

Is this still the case? I may end up getting it anyway just because, but it'd be better for street shooting if I could not have to bother with MF.



Check your mail, mate!


Product photography

Hey-ho, photographer types: do you have a name for this style of product shot? Or, at least, a more-or-less uniform way to describe it? I need to put a mood board together, and I want to find the best keywords to use in my search.

Ta ever so.


Munich letterpress

Any locals know of a letterpress print shop in town? I don't fancy having to send my job up to Berlin, or elsewhere.



PHP/Bootstrap active state

So, I'm experimenting with Bootstrap hooked into a PHP site. )I'm not a developer, so keep that in mind.)

The way this site works is that it insert a URL in the nav, which sits in a separate file. In the file itself, it's just the one line of code:

<li class=""><a href="index.php?module={CLASS}" onFocus="if(this.blur)this.blur()">{NAME}</a></li>

Where {CLASS} is the name of the module. The PHP then inserts this line of code into the header.php file as many times as necessary to make up the main navigation.

Problem is, I can't seem to make Bootstrap's active state work for each nav item.




Anyone here on it? If so, what are your overall impressions?


What's this abortion of a font?

And, no, it's not Rotis Serif.

Cheers, lads.


Open-source project mgmt

Anyone have a good recommendation for open-source/freeware project management apps?

I'm looking for:
- Something that I can install on my own server <-- this is an absolute must
- Separates client data from general user data (in other words, doesn't lump staff in together with clients)
- Can generate cost estimates and invoices
- Gantt charts
- Good file management

In other words a free analogue to Copper Project. Sort of like PHP Collab only, well ... newer, and more relevant to design/advertising.


Pope resigns

So long, Benny, you utter paedophilic creep.…


Headhunters FR/BE

Looking for headhunters/recruiters in France and Belgium. Anyone know of any?



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