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Chapel Hill shooting

If a crazy muslim murders someone he's a terrorist, islam is bad and religion sucks.

But a white atheist, murders 3 young students, he's just a psychopath, it doesn't have any news value and "oh no you can't blame atheism for this."

No I'm blaming atheism, I'm blaming you my atheist friend who doesn't spit out your hatred wrapped in logical fallacy, on my religion at every chance.

So, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto"…


Riot of the Day

NYC is protesting another killer cop walking away.…


Gesture armband

Looks interesting and not that expensive but I can't really think of any useful applications of this device.
I mean maybe during a presentation but the rest seems unnecessary.


Charts - Online or Script

I need to create a pdf presentation with some data. I'll probably do that in Illustrator as an infographic.
Are there any tools that you use, online or as a script?


#MillionMaskMarch #OpVendetta

https:// width="425" height="355">


Jobs Abroad

My wife and I are living in Istanbul, she's a US citizen so it's not that easy for her to get a proper job here.
She was working for Airbnb for a while from home but then airbnb cancelled this remote work program.
Anybody knows online jobs similar to this? She can write travel reviews, virtual assistance etc. She also has a film major.


Code Babes

Finally a fun way to learn coding.


Wacom Tablet Pen Problemo

I don't know how they got to this point. Both of them stored in separate places.
I thought something sticky leaked on them. But there's nothing that can leak in my pen holder.
They slowly created this highly sticky soft skin. I can't even hold them now, impossible to draw.

Anybody had the same experience?


Logo Feedback

This is not my work but they need feedback on this from industry professionals.
It's about a rental cars aggregator website.
OtoRedi means Auto-Ready
The tagline reads "Renting is Good"
What do you think?


After Effects How to Sharpen Mask

Mask feather is 0.
Why the hell my masks are feathered like that?


Bootstrap Question

Using Bootstrap 3 for a project, it's great but certain things bug me, like tiny check boxes or other form elements that are not so great for touch screens.

How do you handle these? I did some research but couldn't find anything that deals specifically with form items.


CMS on MS Server?

I always worked on Linux servers until now.
But I want to setup a CMS that can work on the Microsoft server.
I checked a couple of options like Umbraco, Kentico etc. but they all require you to use Visual Studio or Web Matrix.
I work on apple computers so I need a CMS that works on cloud for MS server.


Interactive Comp Tool??

I have UI psds for a site. And I want to show how certain buttons interact without coding.
Like opening modal windows or hiding stuff etc.
Anybody used a tool like that before?


Logo feedback needed

I'm part of a non-profit NGO in Turkey that is founded to develop and support participatory democracy methods.
Our values are;
Democracy, Transparency, Integrity, Equality, Justice, Freedom, Solidarity, Peace, Respect, Cultural & Environmental Protection, Ethics, Productivity

Our name is "Ortak Nokta" which means Common Point/Spot.

We created logos and let people vote for them, the ones below are the final 4 of those selections.
At this point we're still not sure about any of these logos.

Which one do you think is a better fit for such an organisation?
I'm hoping to find a 5th alternative that collected all the strong parts of these 4. Do you have any suggestions?

I wrote some comments about them.
Symmetrical, Calculated, Boring, Unifying, Bold

Organic, Represents change & dynamism, not so attractive, weak

Symmetrical, Calculated, Boring, Unifying, Bold

Attractive, Out of the box, too hierarchical for an NGO


Yandex Metrica

I've been using Yandex's site & visitor analytics tool recently.
I'm not an expert of this field but I guess it's not as sophisticated as google analytics, except one feature.
It's called webvisor and it captures the visitors behaviours in the site and plays it back to you.
I can follow the mouse or where they touched and clicked. It's awesome to watch that for usability issues.
Although I've come across another propblem.
This new site has a membership system so it's mostly a closed system and naturally Yandex doesn't show me what the user does after he accessed his account.
I still can see which pages he visited but I can't see what he did in those pages.
I just want to facilitate this research at the beginning while testing the site before the beta version otherwise it's a serious privacy breach.
Any ideas about how to watch user behaviour in a closed system?


That pinterest alt. before pinterest

I used to collect all my image bookmarks a this site.
It was before pinterest.
Not fffound
not but something in that line


What is the best EU based hosting?



FitBit, Jawbone Up, Fuelband?

Is there anybody using Fitbit Flex or Jawbone Up that can help me decide if it's worth to buy or not?

I wanted to buy Fitbit Flex but I'm reading reviews that says it's inaccurate.


JS window size class

I'm currently setting up a website on wordpress and I thought maybe if I can find a way to Jquery to detect the browser size and add it as a class to body class I can write specific CSS for each of the screen size.
But I don't know Jquery that well...


Is EDM truly dead?

or we're getting old?


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