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Wordpress developers UK

Does anyone have any recommendations for wordpress developers in the UK, preferably London.
Need to develop an agency site based on WP. Could be an agency or an individual.
Any help is appreciated.


Ex Machina

Saw it this weekend. Didn't really know what to expect but I thought it was great.
Brings up some really interesting points about AI and the nature of being human.

A great plot that keeps you guessing, stunning cinematography (very Kubrick), set design and CGI.

Anyone else seen it? Thoughts?


Andy Murray new logo

What do we think of this?
It apparently combines his initials a and m with 77 as he's the first brit to win at wimbledon in 77 years.
There's been comments made comparing it to nazi SS iconography etc


Best agency sites

What's your favourite agency site (can be big, small, independent etc) in terms of showcasing work with great case studies and a really well designed blog-type section?


Companies like Ideo, Frog

Can anyone name some more design-led companies like Ideo or Frog who set out to solve problems through design, using a number of disciplines: strategy, product design, interaction etc.


WTF painted sign

Any ideas?…
Copper Penny seems close, a little better than Copperplate.
I realise it was hand painted, but something turn of the century american that is close?


Joshua Leigh Fine Art

Decided to make a site to show some of my figurative painting and drawing.



if you please, any ideas?


fluid grid of youtube

I've had an idea which would involve a one time site, of a grid of (for example) 12 embedded youtube videos: 3 rows, 4 columns with no margins or padding.
I'd ideally like these to scale to fill the page when dragging and rescaling etc.

I'm no web designer and have been googling for similar site to look at.
Anyone got any tips. Seems like it should be a relatively simple thing to achieve, no?


Best branding moments of 2013

I'm writing a blog post about best branding of 2013
a kind of end-of-year round up.

The bad moments - yahoo etc are easy.
But what's your favourite new brand/experience/rebrand of this year?

For example, after using it for a while, I actually grew to like ios7, when I see people with the old os it seems antiquated in comparison now.


After design...

Has anyone here gone on to do a different job after design? After 10 years I still love graphic design, but sometimes the jobs all get a bit samey. It's rare that a really interesting challenge comes along.
Being well qualified in one field doesn't really transfer to other fields necessarily.
Would be interesting managing a brand from inside, working with creative agencies.
Or just do something really skilled, a craft, with your hands.


New Heavenly website

New site and work from London based agency Heaveny


WTF overhang on N

Any idea on a typeface, most probably a serif (a petit-serif) with a cap N that overhangs at the top
(I quickly drew above as illustration)?


Calling anyone from Manila/Phillipines

I'm doing a branding project for a client in Manila, and have some questions about language and Manilan culture.
Is everything generally in English in terms of design/communications? Especially those services/companies aimed at tourism.

Also, are there any good cultural/design references to look at for Manila/Philippines design style. Whether that's traditional patterns, cultural colours, type style etc.

So far my research hasn't led me anywhere particularly distinctive.



NYC this weekend/next week

Last minute trip to NYC, anyone know of any off-the-radar exhibitions to check out?
There's a ton of larger exhibitions I want to see, as well as things like a retrospective of Maurice Sendak illustrations on the smaller end of the gallery scale.


Harvard age detection

So this study by Harvard is interesting.
It correctly identified my age by me clicking on the red dots. I'm intrigued as to how accurate it is on other people:……


Left or right eared?

Do you have a dominant ear? I think I'm right eared. Wearing one headphone on the left side is fine because I'm comfortable having my right ear to listen out for ambient sounds. But the other way around freaks me out. Pretty sure my hearing is 20:20 or whatever the equivalent is.


WWII Pigeon Code

So this has been taking up some of my spare time since just before Christmas.

So guy found a dead pigeon in his chimney. Attached to the pigeon's foot in a plastic canister was a coded message, evidently from WWII
GCHQ (the UK equivalent of of the US's NSA) have tried and failed to crack the code, so they publicised it and asked for help.

I find it cool that there's this hidden message that no one has read since the early 1940s, that contains info about the war. Obviously it's probably impossible to crack but that doesn't stop anyone trying. GCHQ seem to think it's a 'one time pad' code, which is truly impossible to crack unless you have a the pad it was encoded with.
A few weeks ago a guy in Canada said he'd cracked it, but it turns out he 'solution' was rubbish, he just cherrypicked the parts he wanted and made up silly acronyms.

So it remains a mystery.

I used to be quite into cryptography so wanted to play around with it and see what patterns etc I could find. It's addictive.

So it anyone here wants to have a go, it's a fun problem to work on.

The message



iphone remote lock question

I have lost my iphone.
I used Find My iPhone on iCloud (but I don't have the specific app installed on my phone). So I know where it is now.
My question is, if I lock the phone remotely from the icloud website how much is it still accessible to someone that picks it up. Like can they see missed calls and messages on the lock screen etc?
I already have a passcode set as it is. So does remotely locking add any extra security etc?



Stacked logos

A little help please!
Can you think of a logo that is broken onto two lines, ie, stacked?

eg Uniqlo



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