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NYC Chalkboard Artist

Hey there, Sunday QBN!

A friend of mine is opening a cafe in Brooklyn. We have chalkboard surfaces that we want to paint the menu on, as well as the logo–I had a guy lined up, but now he's out of the country.

Anyone do this type of work that's in the NYC area? I can't say how much they will pay, because they want to talk to the artist and let him/her look at at the space before giving a quote, etc etc. but the job is coming up pretty quick.

Let me know if you are interested, OR know someone that would be!



iStock Credits

So iStock is telling me to use my last 4 credits before they expire, since I've had them in my long forgotten about account for almost a year.

Is there a way to search by credit? Is anything even that little credit anymore on that site?

Stupid iStock.


For the BB Blog

I can't remember who made this, but I still had it in my downloads.

Quick, before they get me! A full file of screenshots from BB's old website.


Illustrator Error---help?

I'm doing a pretty intense illustration right now in illustrator. Lots o layers and shadings. So I saved, closed, and went to open it again...and I get this screen:

Help? It only opens with half the elements in it now...


iTunes movie to DVD?

So as a Christmas present, someone has asked me for a movie that is only available in VHS form (came out in 1976 and never been switched to DVD). Since she has no VHS player, I was planning on buying it on iTunes, and converting it to a playable DVD for her.

Does anyone know how to do this? What programs I need? I've been Googling, but thought I'd ask the pros too...


Apple Care on Amazon?

So I need to buy AppleCare..been putting it off all year. For a MacBook Pro 17".

I noticed on Amazon it's almost $100 cheaper than through the Apple store. How is this possible? Is it legit? Does it work? Has anyone bought AppleCare through Amazon before? More question marks?


Yelp-like sites?

Guten tag, alles!

Does anyone know of other sites like out there? I'm mainly looking for good examples of user experience in review/rating sites like these, and how they function. If you know of one that is actually well-designed too, bonus points!

Google searching already done, just looking for more ideas from some critical web peoples :)


Next iPod touch?

Boyfriend's birthday is coming up soon, and he wants an iPod touch. After some Googling...seems like it maybe might hopefully come out in September? Anyone know anything more? I'm assuming there are some Apple fanboys and girls here :)

Trying to decide if I should buy him one now (birthday is this week) or wait to the next release because it will have more stuff to it...



WhatTheFont did not help...perhaps you lovely ladies and gents can? This is almost definitely hand-tweaked, but does anyone know a similar base font?


Menu Design?

Anyone have any examples of well made/designed/produced menus?


Perforated printing on demand?

Hey guys!

I have a friend who wants to print a postcard book of a client's images, where the postcards are bound together and then perforated.

Print quality has to be TOP notch, even if it costs extra. My only knowledge with printing on-demand is with Lulu, Blurb, etc., and I don't even think they do perforated books.

Does anyone know any companies that would do a good job with this type of job?


Freiburg, Germany?

Long time lurker...first time post-er!

Looks like I'm moving to Freiburg, Germany next make a story short, I'm following the long-term German boyfriend back to his country so he can do a PhD at his dream company.

Anyone know of any ad or design firms near or around that area? I know it's not an ad capitol, but there's got to be something, right? As for experience, I'm in my 3rd year of being an interactive art director. A little concerned this move may seriously hurt my career...

Thanks for any help anyone can give!


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