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Phantom Flex Cam

2570 fps makes for some killer clips


What's That Animation?

Remember from a few years ago, there was a stop-animation video that used corn candy and popcorn, and other food stuff to show an airplane bombing a field? It had artillery fire and other stuff too, it was a while back... I can't find it, can you help me?


How To Design A Logo…

Now anyone can design a logo!


Luba Lukova Ripped

Not like you're thinking... her work was blatantly ripped off:

From Luba's fb page:
"I just received a design catalog from the current Agitators of Conscience show in Spain, curated by Ofelio Serpa. I saw inside this book cover by Spanish designer Pep Carrió. Mr. Carrio has directly copied the idea, the symbols, and whole parts of the composition of my poster. I drew all these icons by hand and they are not clip art images that can be recycled. I wonder where is the "design conscience" of Mr. Carrió?"

For the record, anyone wishing to email the offending designer, and ask him about said similarities, this is his email -


another embarrassing design contest

spec work anyone?…


media woes

thanks in advance for any help. I'm not exactly a web designer but I'm trying to put a site up for a musician friend of mine. I've modified a template using dreamweaver and it works out on mac. I wanted users to click on the play button next to the albums to hear the song sample. But when the site is opened in chrome on a PC, all the media starts playing at once. Not sure if there's an obvious fix to this or what—any ideas? Thanks again for your help...


Nice Type Lesson

H&FJ put together a nice little lesson on combining typefaces, worth a look:…




Google Yourself

You may find someone wants to work for you. This was a great idea that paid off.…...


Tim Burton animates MoMA logo…


MTV graphics

Prologue created the entire graphics package for MTV's Video Music Awards show. Beautiful...…



Your commentary is invited


One of you...

should do this with qbn... (i don't have the know-how)…


Rejected by MTV


800 wide

why do this anymore? I'm not a web designer, so I really don't know the answer.


favorite source for tutorials?

do you have one?


DVD Studio Help

I'm new at this. Trying to burn a short film created in FCP using DVD Studio. I'm exporting/importing everything the way I think I should be, but every time I burn a DVD the dvd player says: disc not recognized. It does play in some apple computers though. It's a HDV 1080i file.
Anyone else experience anything else like this? Is there a max. bit rate for your regular DVD or DVD player I should be staying under?


A Question of

my wife and I are friends with a couple whom the husband of (he's a wedding DJ) received this email from my wife:

"...wanna hang out tonight? we can stay in and cook and drink beer and watch family guy reruns or we can ~walk~ to all the bars. lemme know. i dunno what time your wedding gig is on saturday, but you're welcomed to crash here if you want."

The circumstances: We're all friends and free from suspicion. The email is sent as I 'm on a weekend sailing trip and his wife is out state. There have never been any transgressions.

Just as a test of my own objectivity, I ask:
Is this email suggestive,—or is it free from offense?


is it old or just me?

I'm 32. 32 is not that old in the lifespan of things. I don't know how old I was when my point of reference shifted and I started looking at "old" as what happens to a person around lower to mid 60's. I think it was in my twenties... When I was a child (read: pre-pubescent) I thought 20 was old, 30 might as well have been 80. Now, 32 is not that old. I imagine my point of reference will have shifted again by the time I arrive to my late 40's.

My point? I work at a University. I recently had a rare and great time acting in a play with the Theater department. I got to know the cast over the 8 weeks of rehearsal and by the end of it I was among people I like and trust—All of them college age, early 20's mostly.

Now, I'm not saying I'm old. I feel like I'm still a child, but after my experience with this generation—which is a couple of demographics away from my own—I felt like I might be "old" for the first time in my adult life. Until recently, I've never felt even a little out of touch with the culture of youth. And as a graphic designer, I feel like I have an edge on "staying tuned in"; (staying abreast of mass trends being a part of my job description). But here I am. I'm a dad, father of two little kids and working in an office at an institution... I may not be old, but I'm not tragically hip either.

This isn't a complaint, it's just an announcement. And it's not about the whole "you're only as old as you think you are" thing either. It's just that it hit me: I'm not the youngest one in the room anymore—in linear time-years or even in the way I think.

How will this affect my design approach? Have any of you got this feeling before?


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