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  • moldero3

    Signs your getting old?

    just got done picking weeds by hand for a few hours like my old man used to do. RIP dad, I miss you.

    • Fuck yabezoar
    • *yeah.
      many hours doing this myself (and my father as well). labor work outside.
    • reminds me i should hire someone to take care of my lawn... like my old man used to doimbecile
  • fooler7

    Signs your getting old?

    Some of the girls in the C.O.D. thread look so underage to me that I fear I can get arrested for just looking at them on my phone.

    • I know :(Maaku
    • or just hitting the upvoteRamanisky2
    • I need to check it out. How is it?HijoDMaite
    • Married with two teenage girls doesn’t give me a lot of free time for CODHijoDMaite
    • when I am with them on a beach, people look at me with mixed feelings. haha.SimonFFM
    • Are them thinking you must be rich or a really nice guy?pango
    • that sound mean. I keeed I keeed :)pango
    • the window for absolute beauty seems to be 18-25 or so. at least that's what we've determined on COTD here. and by we i mean everyone other than marychain lol_niko
  • HijoDMaite5

    Art of the Day Thread

    New work

    "The Mexico Times"
    Oil on wood
    32" x 48"
    Francisco Tejeda Jaramillo

  • Krassy6
    • Its on all the time when I'm in my cardesmo
    • ^ yup. no more "alternative radio" FM. LOL!Krassy
    • Am radio and npr in my car 90% of the timeHijoDMaite
    • Just "Radio" ... its a signBennn
  • instrmntl4

    Car of The Day

    Got a new old timer last week.

    • nice. risky, but nice.ben_
    • Awesome. I used to drive these in the army. Only rust can kill them.Longcopylover
  • docpoz11

    QBN Drinks NYC: 4/27

    Fuck you, imgr

    • +pockets
    • where are you docpockets
    • Where, like...?docpoz
    • no picture of you during the event?pockets
    • photographers hide, did you have a good time?pockets
    • Is that Harvey Spectre in the top photo?Continuity
    • Gaiman?mugwart
    • Are they metal treeth? Who is that?detritus
    • He looks like HijoDMaite's dad.soundofreason
    • Who is the third one with no top teeth?soundofreason
    • first shot is a beautyhelloeatbreathedrive
    • @soundofreason, Harry Dean Stanton?pablo28
    • Hey. Eddie took a couple of my pics where I made some goofy faces. I only shot for a minute it two since I was socializing. The light conditions were not idealdocpoz
    • The dude with the metal teeth I thought he said he was Mugwart. He's an aftereffects guy.docpoz
    • lol @ harry dean stantonfadein11
    • lol @mugwart i recognize that soulplane reference or is it just a coincidence?helloeatbreathedrive
    • What soul plane reference?docpoz
    • what movie are these stills from?Krassy
    • QBN 3: non-infinity drinksdocpoz
    • The third pic is the last thing I saw before waking up naked with a sore anus and my pancreas missing.docpoz
    • Thats why it's kinda blurry...docpoz
    • LOL! is it a new Netflix series?Krassy
    • @hello - the mugwart copy looks like Gaimen whom weirdly enough people have said I look like. Crazy days!mugwart
    • What isn't a Netflix series?docpoz
    • LolHijoDMaite
    • https://pmcvariety.f…docpoz
    • Gaiman looks like the guyin the 3rd picdocpoz
    • Metal teeth guy is who I thought was Mugwartdocpoz
    • @mugwart nothing but love all around then :)helloeatbreathedrive
    • @mugwart_gainmen and @mugwart_jaws - love you both!mugwart
    • Noiceshellie
    • lol, I haven't an earthly clue what's going on.Fax_Benson
    • The guy with metal teeth is medrgs
    • The guy with metal teeth is mechukkaphob
    • Dual profiles or joke gone awry?docpoz
    • @docpoz, you want your pancreas back? That is the worst photo of me I've ever seen.CyBrainX
    • You couldnt sell my pancreas? Sorry for the pic. It's terribly lit plus you needed makeup and you were midsentence.docpoz
    • @docpoz We're all jokes gone awry.garbage
  • sted2
  • OP311


    Dreamhost keeps charging a old debit card I closed and don't use. Apparently it gets approved every time but nothing gets taken out of my bank account. Do I just let it ride and enjoy free hosting (for now)? ha.

    • Yesmonospaced
    • Most definitely!!!microkorg
    • Someone somewhere will get it one day and could have one big bill in one shot. I would take care of it now.Bennn
    • What Benn said.Hayoth
    • Adobe had a huge bill waiting for you Bennnmonospaced
    • Honesty is the best policynotype
    • nah, i had a domain that i registered for one year, stay active through a system error for 6 years. One day I got an email saying it was corrected, no bill.imbecile
  • sted3

    Hosting 2018

    Can we separate the different hosting types, and dig a bit deeper?

    I mean what's your specific suggestion for:

    and shared hosting
    maybe specialized for wp, m2, laravel, node, etc

    • +pockets
    • honestly I don't know. We've always used Grid or DV on (mt) depending on the client. Haven't really messed with the other options.dbloc
    • we do primarily custom wp sites with other proprietary components sprinkled in that require additional databases.dbloc
  • prophetone1
  • maquito0


    Ate a burger yesterday, organic, and I had the worst night. Something must have been rotten. Still having an important stomach ache and feeling nauseous.

    • technically, salmonella is organicGnash
    • indeedmaquito
    • yeah maybe you caught yourself some ecoli bacteria.M01XXX
    • Carne Uruguaya o Argentina? La mejor... será que acostumbras a comer la que no es "orgánica" y esta, al ser tan "natural", te haya dejado en shock ;)OBBTKN
    • There has been some bad lettuce out of AZ that has been getting people sick. 1 has died.BabySnakes
    • @OBTKN, casi siempre uruguaya. Puede ser... acostumbrado a McDonalds, me mató la orgánica ;Pmaquito
    • An important stomach ache, lolset
    • Vip stomach acheBennn
  • d_gitale5
  • mugwart4

    Signs your getting old?

    You miss John Peel

    • well to self correct: You witnessed independent music drop heavily since his departure.mugwart
  • d_gitale6
    • i miss the… :)sted
    • lol wow you found every pic I've postedset
    • and that is why I can happily retire from this thread nowd_gitale
    • oh and this is what happens when you unnecessarily delay the official QBNPSB™d_gitale
    • Fuck me, you've been hoarding set pics.Continuity
    • the dedication is a little disturbinginteliboy
    • BRAVO! amazing diligence.capn_ron
    • Is this Peak set?

      Creepy as shit.
    • @d_gitale, u come across as a Set fan. And this is how Set feels about fans:…Krassy
    • Black face sets! Lolpango
    • not a fan at all. this is my second and last post in this thread.d_gitale
    • just an exercise to be prepared for the PSB :)d_gitale
    • took me 5 minutes to find the pictures. QBN Mugs, find 'set' in page.d_gitale
    • Sweet work mangdocpoz
  • HijoDMaite1
  • ApeRobot5
  • detritus4


    *phwoar, you dirty, dirty girl.

    Falcon 9 Block 5. This is the one from now on.

    • I was at the Kennedy Space Center in Monday. Missed that shot by a few days.lemmy_k
  • pockets5


    just chased a shot glass of jameson with a bottle of jameson while watching netflix.....bed time

  • set5


    I think fans are the some of the lamest humans alive. Fans. What is a fan? Someone who has no skill themselves so must pretend they have something in their lives by being a fan of someone else more talented and interesting than them.

    Football fans are obviously the worst example. People that get upset and angry that a bunch of men that they've never met, lose at a game that kids play in the school playground.

    There's a guy in the office who is a die hard rock and roll fan. I'm all for enjoying music but this guy thinks he's an authority on music simply because he's listened to lots of it and knows all about the musicians, the years that songs came out etc. It's fucking hilarious, All of that is nothing. He can't play an instrument or sing a single note in tune, haha. He has nothing but convinces himself he is some kind of rock authority.


    Fucking fans.

    • haha, I think about this oftenmonospaced
    • He’s ready for jeopardyimbecile
    • I kind of agree. 60yo football fans in full kit are a bit embarrassing. That said, obsessives and fanatics are often the people who keep their specialistFax_Benson
    • subjects alive - the kind of people who set up museums and give tours and create archives. Interesting people. who aren't put off by lack of talent and cynicsFax_Benson
    • It’s ok bro. Even if daddy never took you to a game. I’m sure he still loved you. :-(HijoDMaite
    • Never been a sport fan but I can see why some people need it in their life. Just like some people need Jesus.microkorg
    • I hear you. Herd mentality. Its okay to love something deeply but when you loose your own identity to it.mugwart
    • Oh - I wonder who you're talking about.. :)RumperChunk
    • You work with set, rumperchunk?detritus
    • Mugwart is your biggest fan though :)fadein11
    • hahaha - Set does rock! #setforpopemugwart
    • He does indeedfadein11
    • I think it's about a need to belong to something. Some people have more needs than other.Chimp
    • I’m a set fan.Ramanisky2
    • I am a fan of set.soundofreason
    • People you never met? The soccer club of your hometown you grew up wearing their shirts, watching their matches live in the stadium.. this is no anon, set.mekk
    • Maybe you did not experience the feeling of membership? Don't you have something you like that you just feel happy when they achieve something?mekk
    • And people who collect stamps...fuck those guys amirite!yuekit
    • We have reached peak QBN.face_melter
    • ^ i think things have changed. A football fan told me when he was a kid it was about community, sticking with the lows and enjoying the highs.mugwart
    • its involved into a cooperate mindset, of winning/ popularity. I grew up at the end of these old days and watched it changed. for me it was always shit!mugwart
    • a form of male bonding/latent homosexualitydrgs
    • im a fan of a good german biscuitkingsteven
    • Hahaha rumperchunk. I forget there's one man here that knows what I talk of when I talk of 'the office'.set
    • I think you make a good point fax. I guess there's a rather nebulous difference between a scholar and a fan.set
    • Mekk, of course there is lots that I like and I have been a member of clubs and bands and enjoy and study all sorts, but I think that's different.set
    • There's also beauty in following a local football team with your family and enjoying it, but I still think that's a completely different thing.set
    • I also suffer from this :D your infatuation isn't exclusive that's all :)sted
    • Are you saying the you're sick of being QBN poster boy?robotron3k
    • I do over generalise which naturally puts people's backs up, I know.set
    • Wow. Guys has an opinion and you flip out.Hayoth
    • I love the guy it just triggered a rant. Knowing rock and roll and knowing about rock and roll are worlds apart.set
    • Speaking in general though, having to deal with hoards of Brighton football fans at the weekendsset
    • Am. Football fan here. It's a hobby. I love watching games, the suspense, the drama, all of it. It's great fun.mathinc
    • And find rather amusing the mental image of a man absolutely mad about football that doesn't actually know what to do if you throw him a footballset
    • agreedGuyFawkes
    • Reminds me of some apple fan boipinkfloyd
    • Oh, you're talking about soccer. I agree about American football fans, they are annoying as hell.Maaku
    • If you play any sport it's hard not to appreciate what professionals do. Throw in the suspense and drama of it like mathinc said and sprinkle in some hometown_niko
    • or national pride, plus a few betting dollars and you have a recipe for something spectacularly fun and engaging._niko
    • Man, some of you have become cynical, old, judgemental, hypocritical cunts! lolETM
    • I mean, you were all more cool when you were cynical, young, judgemental, hypocritical cunts!ETM
    • Some of you are obviously mistaking simply enjoying something for being the type of fan I'm talking about. No one is saying you can't enjoy things, hahset
    • I think the whole "fans = unintelligence" is a bit short-sighted, and painting in broad strokes is never a good look.garbage
    • I used to play basketball so I love watching the game. Also a huge Hawks fan, but I will concede that a huge portion of our fanbase are an embarrassment.garbage
    • Didn't expect front page
      I don't even really agree anymore
      I stand by it though
    • Exhibit A:…garbage
    • Very convenient that they put their own dipshittery on blast, makes them easy to avoid.garbage
    • I once exited the Metro in Newcastle, high on acid, right when tens of thousands of Toon fans were leaving the stadium, swarming us. Absolute Hell.detritus
    • fans like to blow air, man. fuck em.docpoz
    • yes, this place makes you toxic, negative, cynical, argumentive, etc....just come here less and you'll be better offpinkfloyd
    • I agree set, I don't get it. I'll occasionally watch sports but I wouldn't call myself a fan. Worse, if I'm wearing a cap some dude always says...kona
    • "... hey man, how do you think so-and-so is going to be this year?" and I have to reply "I have no idea who you're talking about, I just love the logo."kona
    • lol niceset
    • what's worse? being a fan of a sports team or being a smug twat over something so simple as a logo? lol @ 'daddy never took you to a game' XDPonyBoy
    • I like to think there's a distinction between a fan, and some die-hard fanboi weirdo. In my equation, being a fan is absolutely OK. I count myself a fan of ...Continuity
    • ... lots of different things: Star Trek, Front Line Assembly, FC Bayern, Metallica, etc, but I don't have merch, scarves, t-shirts, caps, I don't follow ...Continuity
    • ... anything religiously, or make it the end-all and be-all of my life. But when a new ST series or film comes out, I watch it. When a new FLA or Met album ...Continuity
    • ... comes out, I listen to it (and sometimes dislike what I hear), I watch FCB's matches sometimes, especially the Champion's League. But none of these ...Continuity
    • ... things *are* my life. I still consider myself a fan, though.Continuity
    • @ Continuity... whaaat? You don't have a Metallica scarf? Dude...ETM
    • I know, right?Continuity
    • cracked up when i read Kona's post...
      i was at a home depot the other day, wearing a 'bucaneers' shirt..
    • guy behind the counter goes bananas.. yo man...over here, I'll help ya!...yo duuuude!!!! bucks!!!! yo man!....exador1
    • so he's sooo excited, and he says 'nice to see a bucks fan bro'... and i'm ...what?exador1
    • he's surprised, ..bucks...bucks?...b... know...your shirt????exador1
    • sorry man.
      we were on a family trip, and i saw some shirts, and tried this one on, and my daughter said she liked the pirate guy, so i bought it...
    • i liked the logo as's sports
    • lol@exador. My favorite logo of all time, the old Brewers glove... I'll wear a cap out and get some die-hard brewers fan in Chicago flip out the same way. hahakona
    • "yeah. yeah, it's a sports team...."
      ugh...poor guy...he looked SO let down at that point...
    • but i honestly laughed all the way to the car after... he was SO happy to see someone that was 'into' his team, etc...exador1
    • and i honestly don't know a fucking thing about sports...exador1
    • now...on the other to me about Pink Floyd, or sci-fi, or mid-80's metal, or Terry Pratchett books, or stuff like that, ill talk your fucking ear offexador1
    • all depends on what you're 'into' i suppose...exador1
    • +1 for the brewers logo. don't care about the sportsball, but it's a dope mark! surprised they'd ever want to use the newer one(s)...jaylarson
    • You can be a fan someone who excels at the very thing you yourself excel at or hope to one day. Can’t hate every fan.BrokenHD
    • Fandom brings humans joy. Who are you to hate on fans anyway lol. I’m a fan of early mad magazine for example, what that make me?BrokenHD
    • A cunt? Obviously I'm over generalising and talking about super fans... Obviously.set
    • You know that rock n roll cliché where they turn the lights on the crowd? found ourselves playing with 90s indie bands recently and fuck me... this guy x 2000kingsteven
    • it's real, too real. watching the interaction between fans and band members, fans listing off set lists to guys that require set lists.kingsteven
    • every office has one, and they're all there... superfans are something else tho... was having a smoke with Peter Salisbury, who now drums for the Charlatans andkingsteven
    • admittedly i'm a fan of because of his work with the verve. so a bit starstruck but chatting away and this lad walks over and starts chatting about tomorrowskingsteven
    • show and all these technical details and i just assume he's crew. peter being the nicest dude ever turns to me 'yeah, WE were here', 'WE were there'...kingsteven
    • bumped in to the same lad after the show outside and asked him something technical "oh, i'm not crew, just a fan"... mind blown.kingsteven
    • I think it’s funny how fans are more loyal to a team and city than the actual players on the team, especially in US sports, where $ rules.monospaced
    • *sometimesmonospaced
    • Fan = idolatry / worship. Agree with you. I'm a fan of 1 thing though.notype
  • pockets8

    ganja thread 2.0

    end of week 3 of flower or week 10 from seed, waited too long to flip to flower but its stopped growing in height and energy is going into bud formation so ill be fine.

    pulled 20 clones for next batch, success rate was 95%

    • zoom in to the last pic to see trichome formationpockets
    • height is at 5.5ftpockets
    • Damn, sonMaaku
    • Hi(gh)!jaylarson
    • that’s dope pocketsGuyFawkes
    • uh no pun intendedGuyFawkes
    • that's weed pocketsDRIFTMONKEY
    • using LEDs? i only found out this was possible a few weeks ago... last time i tried it was a whole operation concealing the heat and power consumption.kingsteven
    • mate was giving me the whole run down on his set up, modulating between colors to stimulate growth. living in the future. looks great man.kingsteven
    • *envious*
      Looks a bit dark at the base though?
    • base was really dark, had to spend 4 hours clipping water leavespockets