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    I have to admit I do get a bit perplexed at the problems you guys have in England sometimes.

    No-Go zones / Sharia law assholes (he, he)
    lone wolf terrorism?

    what else is there?

    Anyway, I think to myself:

    Jesus fucking Christ people get your shit together, you're supposed to be the example around the world!

    And on top of that you have a fucking tiny island to secure, how hard is that? You are just a little island right? Like the size of Arizona right? I mean you could drive from shore to shore in like an hour right?

    Here is the U.S. we have 100 times that geography and population to worry about, so no more comparing our problems okay??

    Seriously though, if I was Police officer or a federal agent in your country I would assume to know what is happening in every corner of the country at all times. lol

    ok end of ignorant rant. :)

    • you're right.

      that is pretty ignorant.

    • No Go Zones and Sharia Law?
      Turn off Fox News, man, that quite literally is bullshit. That said, there are Sharia Councils that arbitrate private matters. ..
    • .. as there are in many countries, probably the US too, but they have absolutely no (none!) legitimate state power. At all.detritus
    • Sorry, "that can arbitrate" - I don't mean to imply they absolutely do. It's a free country, people can choose the form of their dictation in personal matters.detritus
    • Also, you do realise that the two most public-visibly surveillance states in the world are the US and the UK?detritus
    • Sure, China, Eurozone, Russia and Israel probably are as if not more capable, but in terms of entrenched laws and such.detritus
    • Gypsies and Travellers are synonymous with one another, despite what Sarahfailin might think - they've been around at least twice as long as the US has existed.detritus
    • And are, for the most part, only very localised, occasional and itinerant problems, mostly of a thieving and dumping nature.detritus
    • detritus i get it, you don't have to defend this. I'm mainly playing around. :-) the geography thing does perplex me a little though.HijoDMaite
    • I've gone on about gypsies these last few pages from a personal and local observation perspective - mostly because it's bemused me ...detritus
    • ...or I've been angered by dumping, which if you've followed anything I've writ here over the years is in keeping with my curmudgeonly old codger view on thingsdetritus
    • I'm not defending - just explaining and trying to dilute any weight or concern I may have implied. It's all good in the hood.

      Except for the gypsies.
    • They've got to go.detritus
    • Realyl though - please don't be part of the populace that propogates the idea we're labouring under Sharia law and have no-go Zones. That's Sweden. }:)detritus
    • i helped organize some neighbors using the Nextdoor app to rally and kick out a bunch of tweakers that were living in and around a Home Depot parking lot.HijoDMaite
    • i had no compassion for their peril and all those that were taking advantage of parking their RV's and living there like all the time. I swear i smelledHijoDMaite
    • meth cooking around there when walking my dog, and worst part is my daughter walks through there to go to school every morning. Cops said they couldn't doHijoDMaite
    • anything and Home Depot manager said the same. after a few phone calls every trailer, rv, and abandoned car had a sticker one morning saying they had threeHijoDMaite
    • days before they would be towed away. when night came we all came out with a beer in our hand and watched all that riff raff get towed away.HijoDMaite
    • tow truck drivers told us plain and simple if they are allowed to "camp out" they will do it and word will get around.HijoDMaite
    • this no go zones / sharia bullshit really makes my blood boil, as Det said ignore Fox News.fadein11
    • why are you so freaked out by how small the UK is? I can understand struggling to comprehend the vastness of something. Somewhere enormousFax_Benson
    • somewhere bigger than you've ever been before. But surely you've been to loads of places that are < 400 miles wide.Fax_Benson
    • a small country is completely fathomable. utterly comprehensible.Fax_Benson
    • I guess that's why Brits revel in the sad detail of the mundane while US folks are contented by simple shapes and colours and whether something isFax_Benson
    • near or farFax_Benson
    • lolfadein11
    • haha... nothing but butthurt brits responding... although when you butthurt brits speak up about our guns and KKK you come off just as ignorant ;)PonyBoy
    • I'm not being serious.Fax_Benson
    • Although you should get rid of all your guns and stop being massive racists.Fax_Benson
    • :DPonyBoy
    • Not literally bullshit because that's the guff that comes out of a bull's arse. Though your post is almost quite literally ignorant bullshitset
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    Update on the whole soulmate status:

    The chemistry has been growing. It seems like we're both on the same page about this serendipity and are fantasizing about the idea of a possible long-distance relationship.

    I either need someone to slap me out of it, or I need to start saving for a ring.

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    FYI QBN citizens,

    NYFA grants are here :) I think you have to have a SSN and be in the US.…

    Have fun if you apply




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    • The self righteous pig never turns down an opportunity for self promotion...kona
    • if he is personally responsible for saving those guys from a decade in foreign prison, then they should thank himmonospaced
    • BOW DOWN BEFORE ZODdetritus
    • Do you really think the guy who couldn't even be bothered to name the correct mass shooting in a tweet give a shit about 3 ucla players? give me a breaKKKkona
    • he loves himself sooooo muchCygnusZero4
    • and you know he didnt do this for THEM. he did it so he could congratulate himselfCygnusZero4
    • lol detritus .. that pretty much sums it upRamanisky2
    • To be fair, if Trump wasn't actually having face to face meetings with President Xi at the time, those players would have been effed.mandomafioso
    • China doesn't fuck around.mandomafioso
    • annnnnnd they thanked the DotardRamanisky2
    • Always the assclownutopian
    • We'll see trump. You know they didnt like you before the incident. Are you trying to be the guy from diffrent strokes?since1979
    • If you haven't figured out yet, Trump gives zero fucks if people like him. This was probably to really embarrass those young men. Make that apology painful.IRNlun6
    • He's metal but that backfires as pres and as a diplomatsince1979
    • Their lives shouldn’t be destroyed over this. Embarrass them publicly, sit out a few games... the experience alone probably aged them a few years.IRNlun6
    • Like Trump knows anything about protocol - he probably thinks it's the name of a hemorrhoid treatmentface_melter
    • mental illnessinteliboy
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    Show some recent work

    Part of an identity system for an artist, who happens to be a weaver. I think it's nearly there...

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    Dad Advice Thread

    do not let them eat yellow snow

  • BusterBoy3
  • mugwart8

    Dad Advice Thread

    Be honest, admit your failings to them. Yet teach them to never give up and to have massive life goals. Try to show them your struggles and achievements.

    Try and do what you feel is right not social pressures on parenting.

    Parenting is fucking hard. I'm a single dad and it's brutal. So if you have any family, use them! Wish I could!

    Try not to let history repeat it self. Teach your kids to be raw honest with them selves and how to analyse everything around them. Teach them about habits.

    Give kids unlimited hugs, kisses and support. Try to give them some magic which this world seems to be fucking void of. Be it cinema or even the scary house on the 'block'.

    Play hide and seek!

    • +1Bluejam
    • mad props, man!pr2
    • This is good stuff. Exudes experience.Cosmodrome
    • Im far from perfect though. I have to be more strict than I want as his mums a narcissist.mugwart
    • I can't fathom how a single parent does it. I have a great, helpful wife and I still am so worn out that I can barely stay awake from all the stuff we do.lemmy_k
    • +1 mugwart, keep i strong mate!!OBBTKN
    • nice!dbloc
    • +1 here mankona
    • wow thanks all. Think I'm a strict dad. Really want to improvemugwart
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    Quick Logo Poll

    B is too reminiscent of the old Gap logo. I like D, it's big and blocky and has impact, but I really think it needs more space to breathe. Sorry to be that knob head that plays with your work but this feels a bit comfier to me...

    • and set the backing square at 45°detritus
    • yep - this.fadein11
    • much betterscruffics
    • Cheers appreciated.Hayzilla
    • What he says but I'd say too much gap here and not enough in that one.
      I do think the P is a little Dull though..
    • How dare youset
    • Good feedback, these details really matter. Also my prefferd choice. It will be interesting to see it in situ.Chimp
    • No no no no no. If you are one letter away from gap dont use a square. Triangle it up...matching the a.since1979
    • Oh god why am i getting suckered into doing someones worksince1979
    • shut upset
    • lol setdetritus
    • Hahasince1979
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    • lol was that after last nights tedious nil nil draw?set
    • IKEA furniture?OBBTKN
    • Sexual assaults.Hayzilla
    • Yeah, the game was a grind, but you know - fuck Italy! They can go back and cry in their spaghetti while their mothers wash their pants.face_melter
    • I'm gonna have to work 2's dance at the end into my routine.garbage
    • Vikings fighting fake news ?BustySaintClaire
    • Brazzers cupRamanisky2
    • made of Eurotrashutopian
    • You actually have no idea what Eurotrash means, do you?face_melter
    • Never been so proud of being Swedishmartinadolfsson
    • Utopian doesn't have much of an idea of anything... relax...set
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    Quick Logo Poll

    QBN loves the D

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    Donald Trump

    Our dumb and ignorant fucking dotard in chief.

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    • That's what has been picked. Done.Hayzilla
    • lol Gnash. I give good Dset
    • (tru dat)Gnash
    • "I like D, it's big" - Setfyoucher1
    • don't forget 'has impact'set
  • set6
    • This is fine.detritus
    • "I say... Is that motherfucker going to jaywalk?!?! ?!?"kona
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    WANT of the day…

    Hardback instructions for building Kaneda's ride with LEGO.

  • sofas-1


    This thread is a pro-science circle jerk.

    I wish science would be bashed like religion is in its parallel thread, because I think the differences aren't that big, both-
    1) Institutionally (see copyrighted articles, fake results, tenure, publish or perish, student slavery, power hierarchy, industry ties, how knowledge revolutions were treated etc.) and
    2) Fundamentally (see induction / deduction etc.).

    Of course like a religion and a faith, the institution and fundamentals are intertwined.

    Atheism and science have great PR, look at the world becoming secular. Schools teach different religions and heritages highlighting the fact that it's about faith and belief (and often making kids hate them because many learn to hate what they were coerced to learn in school), but philosophy of science? Nah, just trust the priest in the white coat, dumbing down the scriptures so you can feel involved and safe.

    • the intiial reasoning for this thread has long-since departed. It's now literally just a thread where people post 'sciencey' things.detritus
    • Besides, we have other scientists to bash each New Science critically — I'm not sure how well-placed many of us are here to do that in any worthwhile sense.detritus
    • What do you suggest schools do - give valuable time up to unfoundable fantasies about Atlantis or færies?detritus
    • I mean I too post cool sciency things and enjoy everyone else's posts, just saying it would be refreshing to see critical things too :)sofas
    • This is what I dislike most about religionists - their simplistic unquestioning view that science isn't internally critical. That's the whole point of science.detritus
    • Religion tends towards black and white, whereas science (when done propa) is a myriad of shades of grey, and that encourages more questioning..detritus
    • it's not science you have a problem but the way in which it's (ab)used. as det says, it's not an absolute but is often referenced as such in order to deceiveFax_Benson
    • but there's definitely a kind blind faith tech worship that isn't remotely healthy.Fax_Benson
    • @detritus I agree. In an absolute sense I say don't coerce education, in a relative sense I say teach being critical of science's fundamentals and institutionssofas
    • @Fax to a degree I agree with you, but empiricism should be criticised as wellsofas
    • I think there is a general confusion between the criticism of the Scientific Method and criticism of Scientism (the blind belief in the infalability...Morning_star
    • ...of Science). FYI this thread was created because of my assertion in the Religion thread that Scientism has all the negative characteristics found in...Morning_star
    • ...Religions. IMorning_star
    • @Morning totally. Checked out the first post on this thread "Is not a belief system."
    • considering the definition of science is to constantly question and revise, I'd say the differences are so vast, that there's no fair comparisonmonospaced
    • common misconception is that science is some kind of book of rules, but it's just a process of figuring things out, it's a way of processing realitymonospaced
    • Morning_star clarifies it well with his Scientific Method vs. Scientism comparison.monospaced
    • You really should start an anti-science thread where you can bash on it. Should go over really well :)monospaced
    • true @mono, the comparison to religion was a bit of a provocation, but there are similaritiessofas
    • Just scrolled through the first couple pages of this thread, the beginning of it was more open endedsofas
    • I'll consider it mono! :)sofas
    • the comparison to religion is hilariously ironic, when religious people are using similarity to religion as an insult to sciencemonospaced
    • ^nice guys defusing my anger by agreeing with me, wtf :)sofas
    • yea mono, don't think I ever encountered that, I think it's more like they say "things aren't as straightforward" like "god put fossils here to test our faith"sofas
    • specific to that example, it really is scary the excuses they'll offer to discredit any affront to their faith in creationism, putting word's in god's mouth!monospaced
    • rest assured sofas, there are in fact hordes of new scientists that dedicate their lives to questioning and/or improving upon the fundamentalsmonospaced
    • and they will continue to do so, forever (hopefully)monospaced
    • think of it like this ... IF there's ever going to be a breakthrough in human knowledge, it's most likely coming from the sciences, not a religionmonospaced
    • mono I think you're right, you might back that up by saying "look how easily and quickly the quantum theory was adopted compared to the Copernican revolution"..sofas
    • ..but there is still room for so much more, I think the power structures are constricting in a similar way to the times of the Copernican revolutionsofas
    • Quantum theory was easily and quickly adopted? Einstein might disagree with you there..detritus
    • @detritus i'm no historian, but compared to the Copernican revolution or other major shifts I think it went quite easysofas
    • https://www.reddit.c…sofas
    • lol, what's the danger in testing a theory and coming up with conclusions based on those tests?monospaced
    • scientific progress is happening whether people choose to believe it or not, "thank god."monospaced
    • (not to derail, but copernicus was a pussy)Gnash
    • That'd be to do with the pace of change afforded by modern science and society though, rather than any kind of unblinking acceptance of theory.detritus
    • And quantum theory had to be accepted in some form when practical facets of its effect were used to deploy transistors then wifi, etc. in the real world.detritus
    • Perhaps the nuances or even indeed fundamental conceit of quantum theory is flawed, or entirely wrong, but the reality is that on some level - it works.detritus
    • There is science. Someone/team trying to prove something.
      Then there is cooperate science - someone being paid to prove what is wanted to be heard.
    • The way uni's are structured is more limited then the churches and encourages 'same' thought, IMHOmugwart
    • you question - your ridiculed - your unemployed.
      That isn't science.
    • Take climate, take evolution, shit medicine is the worst. Take health/dietitiansmugwart
    • I hear all the time I dont believe in religion - I believe in SCIENCE.mugwart
    • what does that even mean! Apart from your belief system operates exactly the same way as an otherdox religioniousmugwart
    • science doesn't operate like a religion at all ... it writes new books constantly, not reference 1. people believe in the process, OBVIOUSLY!monospaced
    • science isn't a belief system, so as hard as people try to cram it into that category, they will always fail, because it doesn't require belief beyond evidencemonospaced
    • it actually thrives on disbelief, which drives scientists to seek the answers, propose theories, etc ... and evolution is 100% true, it's not a belief systemmonospaced
    • if you add disbelief to religion, you get ridicule, you get banished, or you're forced to beg forgiveness, or forced to believe you've done wrongmonospaced
    • science only asks that if you disbelieve, you propose why and then present evidence based on scientific experiments, all in hopes of refinementmonospaced
    • Mono, you're right in principle but the reality is entirely different. Organisations that 'do' science are often less open minded and clogged with ...Morning_star
    • ...dogma and generational misconceptions. The political hierarchy is full of people more worried about their career than perpetuating good science...Morning_star
    • ..., much like religions.Morning_star
    • yeah, but that's a narrow view ... because there are ALWAYS scientists that are making real progress, and the scientific method can't be changedmonospaced
    • focusing on the minuscule minority that is fulfilling an agenda is not big picture, and even they aren't dogmatic about anything that I've ever heard ofmonospaced
    • and even THEN it's NOTHING like religion, as religion references only one book, makes NO progress, doesn't WANT to make progress, and is 100% misconceptionmonospaced
    • For a self confessed atheist Mono, your understanding of the variety and scope of different religions is severely limited. Know your enemy.Morning_star
    • My understanding is fine, and I apologize for focusing on the religions that use "the book" as those are the ones that are closest to my realm of life.monospaced
    • OF COURSE there are other religions that aren't as dogmatic like the western ones, and that aren't as orthodox as the orthodox ones, but that's missing my pointmonospaced
    • It's a given, in this thread specifically, that the comparison to a "belief system" is specifically the belief system of a western monotheism one.monospaced
    • Of which comparing to science is absolute rubbish, since science is not a belief system, but instead a process of figuring things out.monospaced
    • It's not a given. At all. If it makes you feel better to limit the universe for your Atheism because your argument is limited, that's up to you. However, ...Morning_star
    • i'm going to post some links to some discussions regarding science and religion which should show that your insistance that belief is absent from science...Morning_star
    • ...wrong.Morning_star
    • I think the whole recent reproducibility crisis in science is evidence enough that belief often runs a little too strongly.detritus
    • It’s fair to say religion is a non-progressive movement. Science is purely based on progress. The only thing holding us back is modern neoliberalismIanbolton
  • renderedred4
  • Gnash3
    • yeah not sure i'm with her :) but I do think that determinism and reductionism have killed romance and in some ways it was nicer before...sofas
    • lol, as if anyone is stopping scientists from scientifically exploring the science behind black magic! it isn't happening because that's stupid AFmonospaced